We are a division of Arietis Group, specialized in the design and development of training strategies in specialized and high-demand areas; as well as, in the management of training for the certification of competencies, characterized by the quality of its products, specialists and study platform, designed according to the standards and requirements of the maritime, port and industrial sector and leveraged in strategic alliances that They allow us to offer a flexible and dynamic service, according to the needs of the participants.


Facilitate permanent training processes, aimed at obtaining occupational certification and professional development, using cutting-edge technology, in response to the identified competency model and the global needs of our clients.


To be an innovative company in modeling solutions, under the disruptive education methodology, for the development of job skills applied to the development and training of professionals in the maritime, port and industrial sectors.


Transparency: Always observing an honest and dignified attitude, in any environment where the company operates.

Productivity: Contributing to the transformation of companies, based on the skills of its members, with the aim of improving performance.

R+D+i: Research, development and innovation to address training actions to maintain continuous training and problem solving.

Standardization: Always acting in accordance with standardization as a guarantee of knowledge, skills and aptitudes for effective performance in any situation. Polaris Principle: Learning throughout life at work and for work.

Polaris Principle: Learning throughout life at work and for work.

General Objective

Formulate continuous training actions for human talent, comprehensively and according to the profile of the position, to improve productivity, according to the requirements of the global market.

Specific Objectives

  • Provide human talent comprehensive professional training, according to the demands of the labor market.
  • Integrate the profile of the position and the execution of the training activities of the related areas.
  • Update professional level, competitiveness, performance and motivation through learning platform for better performance.
  • Formulate dynamics in methods and techniques for staff development in current and future scenarios, increasing their motivation and receptivity


  • Detection of training needs (DNC).
  • Remote development platform.
  • Design and marketing of educational product.
  • Development Center.
  • Extramural activities.
  • Training outsourcing.
  • Gamification.


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