We are a business unit of the Arietis Group dedicated to providing legal and management solutions for the maritime, port and industrial sectors, through legal advice services.


Provide a specialized service to our clients, in all legal aspects, derived from their maritime, port and industrial activity.


To be the leading company in legal advice, for companies in the maritime, port and industrial sectors, for the quality of the service and the legal solutions provided, in accordance with the dynamics of new challenges, achieving the satisfaction of our clients.


Orientation: Attention to our clients throughout the process.

Honesty: Obligation to do our work better every day and respect professional ethics.

Proactivity: Identification of opportunities and generation of results above those expected.

Confidence: Commitment to handling our clients’ information, with the responsibility that characterizes absolute professional ethics and us.

Efficiency: Providing the client with quality results that provide value and utility.

General Objective

Provide advice and legal management to our clients, in accordance with the provisions of the laws, rules and regulations for the area of ​​applicable law.

Specific Objectives

  • Collect information necessary for the provision of legal advice, as well as for the drafting of legal instruments, in accordance with the provisions of legal regulations
  • Negotiate more efficient legal solutions and the required legal advice, with the sole purpose of achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction..


  • Management of qualifications and registrations.
  • Administrative procedures before the competent bodies in general.
  • Legal advice.
  • Representation in legal proceedings.
  • Negotiation and claims.
  • Employment platform.