We are a division of Arietis Group, dedicated to consulting, engineering and development of maritime, port and industrial projects; We have a solid technical background and a multidisciplinary professional team, with high experience in operational management and development in the area, which allows us to provide an excellent service during the planning and execution of projects, delivering effective and valuable solutions to the requirements specific to our clients. All this framed in international standards and applicable industry standards; as well as the mandatory international regulations.


Provide strategic consulting and management services for the maritime, port and industrial sectors, in the creation of sustainable, innovative and reliable value, as a differentiating axis for the organization.


To be a benchmark as a company in all maritime, port and industrial business processes, with an innovative approach and continuous customer support, to generate value for the organization, with a national and international presence.


Institutional loyalty: Corporate commitment acting with loyalty, truthfulness and in accordance with the principles that govern business activity.

Customer orientation: Always committed to identifying needs and focusing all efforts on generating superior value for the customer.

Confidentiality: Guarantee of discretion, in accordance with the agreements of reliability and honor.

Objectivity: Expressing reality as it is presented will allow us to support our presence and prestige.

Integrity: Teamwork for a global approach, for management and comprehensive solutions.


General Objective

Provide specialized and personalized business consulting services that respond to the needs of our clients, to achieve their objectives with efficiency and effectiveness for their work.

Specific Objectives

  • Guide in the fulfillment of business objectives and purposes.
  • Generate suitable solutions to our clients for the good performance of their business units.
  • Provide efficient advice, in the maritime sector, in everything related to maritime architecture and engineering; as well as inspection, appraisal and adjustment of ship and naval artefacts claims.
  • Prepare technical documents and plans required to carry out procedures before the maritime authority, in the development of the business activity of our clients


  • Business process management.
  • Inspections and appraisals.
  • Telemarketing and sales force.
  • Facilities management.
  • Adjustment of claims.
  • Load in-load out.
  • Engineering and naval architecture.
  • Technical assistance.
  • Causualities investigation.

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