We are a division of Arietis Group, dedicated to the service and supply of supplies for the maritime, port and industrial sectors, based on quality in providing goods and offering services, with reliability and an innovative character for senior management criteria; obtaining in this way, excellent results in its management, always oriented to the satisfaction of our clients.


Procure specialized products and services to our clients, in all aspects derived from their maritime, port and industrial activity, under high quality and safety standards and supported by innovative and sustainable solutions that set us apart.


To be a leading company at a national and international level, through strategic alliances, for the provision of services and products to organizations in the maritime, port and industrial sectors, for customer satisfaction and business profitability.


Transparency: Fair treatment, always prioritizing the interests of our clients.

Responsibility: Our commitment to the client does not end until the start-up and final resolution of the project.

Excellence: Punctuality in the delivery of each service or product, always based on the best standards.

Security: Guarantee that the products and services provided, directly or indirectly, meet the client’s standards and maintain a competitive market price.

Quality: It allows systematizing management with a quality system, which guarantees the best standards in our services.


General Objective

Provide services and supplies to organizations in the area, according to their requirements.

Specific Objectives

  • Identify and manage customer goods and product requirements.
  • Carry out preventive maintenance on marine equipment and nautical and recreational vessels.
  • Consolidate document management projects for seafarers, as required by the maritime authority.
  • Promote social responsibility in companies.


  • Operation and maintenance of floating units and equipment.
  • Marinet@Virtual Store.
  • Maritime and port services.
  • Services for sports marina.
  • Document management.
  • Staff management.
  • CSR support.

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